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Lieba is a 2020 Warlander filly sired by our PRE stallion Ungido out of our special Friesian Model mare Sybrich V. Stal Staf Karima. Both sire and dam stand over 16 hands. Lieba is stunning, She has a refined, elegant head and neck with a strong back and hind quarter. She has a wonderful playful personality, She loves to cuddle and spend time with people. She leads, gets bathes, and does well with the farrier. She is currently black with a dusting of white hairs coming in. She is well balanced and will have potential for Dressage, driving, working equitation, or a specialty brood mare.  

LRF820066 Calista.jpg

Calista is our 2020 Andalusian filly sired by our PRE stallion Ungido out of our lovely IALHA registered Andalusian mare Celina. Calista has been very tall, independent, and full of personality since day one. She leads very well and even waits at the gate to come in with or without her mother. She has well balanced gates, especially the canter. She also stands well for bathes and is polite for the vet and farrier. She has potential for dressage, working equitation, general riding, or just a wonderful addition to any family. She is already turning grey and will be a stunning white as she ages.